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What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a sales and marketing program that enlists the help of others to promote your products and/or services to their own list of prospects/clients or to perfect strangers they can reach through their own marketing efforts.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an independent sales person who promotes what you have for sale in exchange for a commission when they make sales. Affiliates are not paid for their efforts, but rather for sales and sales only.

You could have 1,000 affiliates promoting your web site, product and/or service and if a single sale isn't made, you don't have to pay a dime in commissions to anyone. That's the beauty with affiliate marketing and starting your own affiliate program.

Essentially, you get help promoting your web site, products and/or services and without the expense of higher sales agents or sales people to do the job that affiliates will do for free, so long as you pay them their commission(s) for making sales.

How do you increase your sales online with your own Affiliate Program?

You should know, the quickest road to wealth on the Internet is not by making more sales on your own, but by creating a sales force (of independent affiliates) so you can create more sales without you putting forth any extra effort! Remember, you can't be in all places at all times.

So, imagine having an army of affiliates around the world who are totally dedicated to helping you promote your products and services 24/7/365. With an army of affiliates in place, you're on your way to financial freedom. But, there's one catch …

You need the right affiliate tracking software built into your shopping cart software to make all this happen! Both software programs need to keep track of sales made through your web site. That's why is so cool! It has the shopping cart and the affiliate tracking software built right into one single software solution. No need to shop elsewhere for an affiliate program, or install any separate piece of software on any web site hosting server.

What components do you need to run a successful Affiliate Program?

Here is a list of all the features and components you'll need, which come included in your account, to run a successful affiliate program:

Affiliate Program Setup — This module helps you initially setup the basic parameters of your affiliate program.
Manage Affiliate Programs — Here's where you'll add more affiliate programs for use on different web sites, if needed.
Domain Masking — We also let you create affiliate links that match your domain name for branding all over the web.
Manage Media — This is where you'll add affiliate banners, emails and other marketing media for your affiliates to use.
Signup Link — We provide you with a SIGNUP LINK you can place on your site so affiliates can join your affiliate program.
Login Link — We provide you with a LOGIN LINK you can place on your web site so affiliates can log in to their accounts.
Manage Affiliates — When you need to search for a certain affiliate to make changes to their account, you can do it here.
Add an Affiliate — When you need to add an affiliate by hand, you can in seconds right here!
Pending Affiliates — Here's where you'll approve or disapprove affiliates who signup for your affiliate program.
Run Reports — You can run reports on your affiliates to see what they've sold and how much you owe them in commissions.
Pay Commissions — We help you pay your affiliates by telling you how much you owe them.

You can tell, from the list above, that my affiliate tracking system is very comprehensive. With my affiliate tracking system, you can track, manage and pay thousands of potential affiliates. Now, that's cool!

What steps do you follow to add an Affiliate Program to your web site? makes it easier than ever to create and add your own affiliate program to your web site so you can help drive even more leads and traffic to your site, and ultimately, generate more sales! Basically, here's how you setup your affiliate program on your web site in seven simple steps:

SETUP and CUSTOMIZE your Affiliate Program with my software …
Decide WHICH PRODUCTS and SERVICES you want to pay commissions on …
Decide HOW MUCH $$$ you will pay affiliates in commissions for every sale they make …
ADD A PAGE ON YOUR WEB SITE that talks about your new Affiliate Program …
ADD AFFILIATE SIGNUP & LOGIN LINKS to your web site for your affiliates to use …
CREATE MARKETING BANNERS, eMails and other marketing media for your affiliates …

That's it! That's how you add an affiliate program to your web site. Now, watch your sales increase, all because you have a growing sales force of affiliates helping you to sell whatever you have to sell.

Start your own Affiliate Program today!

Again, WHY should you start your own affiliate program? Remember, the quickest way to wealth is in building your own sales force. The more people you have promoting and selling your goods and services, the more money you can potentially make! can help you start your own affiliate program today and start making more money selling more goods and services than you ever could on your own. When it comes to making money online, don't go about it alone. Get help! Start your own affiliate program, and let others help you do the hard work!

Get these vital "Internet Marketing Tools" today! can help you track, manage and pay thousands of potential affiliates. And, remember, the more affiliates you have, the greater potential you have for achieving super selling success online!